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Pest and Nuisance Bird Control

Columbia and Aiken, South Carolina Rid-A-Critter Office

RAC Bird Control Special Ops Team on a Pigeon Control Mission

RAC Bird Control Special Ops Team on a Pigeon Control Mission

Bird control is a branch of wildlife management that most people don't think about. But birds can become serious nuisances. They can be involved in the transmission of arboviral diseases like avian flu and West Nile virus; cause mechanical equipment to fail when their feathers clog cooling fans; deface cars, buildings, and statues with their droppings; and endanger air travelers.

Birds also cause an annoyance by pooping on people and vehicles as they pass under bridges and marquees, and their droppings can serve as media for the fungal disease histoplasmosis.

There are three birds in South Carolina that are officially considered pests: sparrows, starlings, and pigeons. These birds can be controlled by any lawful means, including killing them. There are even pesticides (known as "avicides") specifically formulated to kill, sicken, repel, or otherwise control birds.

The great bulk of the bird control jobs that we do involve one or the other of the the "pest" species of birds. But even though the law allows us to use poisons to kill them, that's not how we do it. Aside from some of the pesticides being cruel, in our opinion, we simply don't believe that they're a real solution to the problem. We could kill all the birds at a location today, but new birds would replace them within a very short time. We think that's pointless and a waste of our customers' money.

Fortunately, we have better ways to control birds.

Non-Chemical Bird Control

Men on a lift platform installing netting for bird control in a paper mill

Installing netting for bird control at a paper mill

At Rid-A-Critter, we believe in solving our customers' bird problems permanently and non-chemically, not applying a quick but fleeting fix using toxic avicides. We use a variety of non-chemical methods to trap, remove, repel, and exclude birds from places where they're causing a problem. These methods may include trapping, netting, screening, installing bird spikes, or sometimes other methods, depending on the situation.

We also clean up after the birds, removing their feathers and droppings and carting them away for proper disposal; and if needed, we also apply insecticides to control any displaced parasites.

If the birds were in an insulated area, chances are that the insulation will have to be disposed of and replaced, as well. No worries. We have our own equipment to do insulation replacement, as well as technicians trained to do it properly. In fact, due to word-of-mouth advertising, we have people who have never had an animal or bird problem who hire us just to insulate their homes. We do it as well as or better than companies who specialize in that work, and our prices are competitive.

Rid-A-Critter provides bird control to virtually any kind of building or structure. Some of the places we service include:

Private homes
Multiple dwellings and condo communities
Schools, churches and other houses of worship, and community buildings
Retail stores, theaters, and band shells
Factories, power plants, and mills
Bridges and overpasses
Barns, silos, grain elevators, and other agricultural buildings
Radio and radar towers
Airports and aircraft hangars

In short, we can bird-proof almost any structure, no matter how big or how small. We have the technicians, know-how, and equipment to tackle any bird control job.

Dry Under Decks Installation

Before-and-after pictures of a Dry Under Decks Installation

Before and after picture of a Dry Under Decks installation

We also offer another useful service called Dry Under Decks. This is basically an outdoor ceiling that's installed under decks and other elevated structural elements to channel away water and make the area under the deck usable. It's also animal- and bird-resistant, and it makes for a cleaner, brighter area under the deck. Some people use that space for patios or car ports once we install it.

Dry Under Decks can be installed at both residential and commercial buildings. It works under decks, terraces, theater marquees, balconies, and overhead walkways. It's especially popular for retail stores because it makes for a more inviting entryway that encourages people to come inside and shop.

We usually install Dry Under Decks as part of a our bird-control or other animal-removal jobs, but it's also available as a free-standing service.

The Dry Under Decks system comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Please contact us if you'd like more details.

Bird Control Gallery

Here are some pictures of bird removal and bird-proofing jobs we've done.

Please contact us for more information about our non-chemical bird control programs in the Columbia and Aiken areas. We look forward to your call.


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The Columbia, South Carolina office of Rid-A-Critter provides non-toxic bird control in the Greater Columbia, South Carolina area, including Aiken, Barnwell, Camden, Columbia, Evans, Greenwood, Lexington, Newberry, North Augusta, Orangeburg, and Sumter.

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